Costa Rica is considered one of the most progressive and politically stable countries in Latin America. The country has been a democratic presidential republic since the 1950s. In economic terms, Costa Rica has developed very positively over a long period of time and is also considered a Central American role model in terms of environmental and climate protection - the country wants to become completely climate-neutral by 2050.

Despite the overall economic upswing, educational opportunities, income, and wealth are still very unevenly distributed. Poverty, lack of prospects and youth unemployment are pressing problems, especially in the constantly growing peripheral neighbourhoods in San José. Around half of the under-35s have neither a secondary school diploma nor a professional qualification. (Source: OECD) For some years now, this situation has been exacerbated by a constantly increasing number of migrants and refugees - especially from Nicaragua. Many of these people arrive in the country without an education; most of them live in precarious conditions.

Costa Rica

Our Work in Costa Rica

Despite the high level of development of the region, the foundation identified the need for action to support marginalised young people early on.

In Costa Rica the foundation has been working for people in need since 1987. In the mid-1990s, the focus of the foundation's activities was placed on the technical education of economically disadvantaged young people. Thus, since 1996, the Samuel Foundation has been offering scholarships for high-quality technical education in professions that are in demand. Since 1999, all our technical education programmes have been carried out in the foundation's own centre, which was built specifically for this purpose.

The technical education programme currently includes four industrial and commercial occupations.

Car Mechanic Technician

Car Mechanics

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technician

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technology

Accounting Assistant

Accounting Assistant

Administrative Assistant

Administrative Assistant with a focus on English


In our centre in Costa Rica, we regularly succeed in leading more than 80 percent of the students that enrol every year to a professional qualification after their 19-month full-time technical education. Of these, more than 90 percent are placed in permanent jobs, thanks to the great reputation the foundation's holistic training enjoys. Since the beginning of our work in Costa Rica, around 2,200 young men and women have successfully completed their technical education. They leave the foundation, diploma in hand, as strong and self-confident young people who are well prepared for their professional careers and the start of a new life.

Vocational Training Courses


Our centre in San José regularly runs vocational training courses in the fields of accounting, computer applications, electricity, car mechanics, English, as well as training in administration and logistics. Some of these courses are carried out in cooperation with local and international organisations and are aimed in particular at refugees, displaced persons and migrants.

For employees of private companies who want to deepen their expertise, our centre in Costa Rica offers further training modules in refrigeration and air conditioning technology.