In its Centres for Technical Education, the foundation provides economically disadvantaged adolescents and young adults with scholarships for a full-time professional and holistic technical education based on the model of the German dual system.

The dynamic developments of today's labour markets place high demands on all job applicants. Interdisciplinary thinking is becoming increasingly important. Therefore, we deliberately do not limit ourselves to teaching technical skills in our centres but rather focus on a holistic approach.

All the foundation's technical education programmes are designed for a duration of 15 or 19 months on a full-time basis, including a three-month apprenticeship. During this time, our students acquire all the necessary competences to thrive in modern labour markets, to successfully shape their later professional lives, and to react flexibly to new developments in the future. In teaching these so-called "key competences for lifelong learning", the foundation follows the recommendations of the European Union framework of reference, enables the students to fully participate in social life and successfully manage their transition into the labour market.

Technical Education

The Samuel Foundation's training approach is composed of five modules.

  • The first module covers the technical area of the education with a focus on teaching technical skills in theory and practice. In addition, the students receive relevant knowledge in innovative technologies, environmental protection, and occupational safety.
  • In addition, general education competencies are taught in all programmes. These include the areas of communication and language, English as a foreign/second language, Mathematics, and digital competencies.
  • Our comprehensive personality training, which includes employability and a compulsory social service, promotes the cognitive, emotional, and social skills of the students. It strengthens their self-confidence and motivation, prepares them perfectly for their working lives and, thus, enables them to participate in society.
  • The technical education is completed with a three-month compulsory apprenticeship in a company or enterprise cooperating with the foundation. This is an opportunity for the students to put their knowledge to the test and gain their first work experience.
  • However, our approach does not end here – we go one step further and actively place our graduates in qualified employment. Due to the high standards of our technical education, many of the cooperating companies take on the foundation's apprentices directly into permanent positions. And thanks to our large cooperation network, we regularly succeed in placing more than 90% of our graduates in suitable companies.

In this way, the education that takes place in our centres does not only lead to a technical qualification. Our approach has a more sustainable effect. By placing our graduates in qualified employment and providing them with the material opportunities that go with it, the foundation opens up completely new perspectives to young people and enables them to start a new life.