06.05.2021 | Costa Rica

Visit from the Swiss “Neighbour”

In March, the employees and students of our Centre for Technical Education in San José welcomed the visit of the Swiss Ambassador, Gabriele Derighetti. He took up his duties as ambassador of Costa Rica, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Panama at the end of 2020 and paid a visit to our training centre as a European neighbour of the foundation, so to speak.

08.03.2021 | Germany

Graduation under pandemic conditions

Diploma in hand! In February our graduates from Costa Rica and Nicaragua celebrated the achievement of their professional qualifications. Due to the pandemic, the graduation ceremonies had to take place on a small scale while respecting, of course, all hygiene and social distancing rules. However, we were very glad to receive the support of the German embassies during the celebration of the ceremonies in both countries. The German ambassadress in Costa Rica, Martina Nibbeling-Wrießnig, sent her video greetings to the graduates. At the graduation ceremony in Managua, the German Ambassador to Nicaragua, Dr Christoph Bundscherer, as well as several Nicaraguan government representatives were able to participate personally.

28.11.2020 | Nicaragua

Technical Training Instead of University

Between 50.000 and 60.000 adolescents graduate successfully from high school every year in Nicaragua. The majority of them dream about commencing their university studies, but only a few manage to take that step, since families often lack the required financial resources. Thus, many high school graduates have not been able to get a job nor a place at university in past years.