01.12.2023 | India

Celebrating graduation – celebrating earth

Under this motto, the Samuel graduates at our Delhi centres celebrated the successful completion of their 15-month technical education. A total of 105 students of the batch 2022-2023 proudly received their Diplomas in “Fashion Design and Management”.

During the ceremony the graduates were beaming with their beautifully designed, colourful dresses, which were also their final project dresses. The celebration’s programme was accompanied by a variety of dances and cultural acts which had been rehearsed meticulously by the students in the weeks prior to the event. What is more, our team in Delhi organised the ceremony as an eco-friendly event considering a variety of environmental aspects such as the upcycling of materials for the costumes, the use eco-friendly materials for the decoration and the graduates’ Diplomas.

The Samuel Foundation is very proud of the achievements of their graduates who come from economically disadvantaged backgrounds and now – Diploma in hand and many of them already in qualified jobs – have completely new prospects for their lives. 

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