ACHIEVE MORE WITH COOPERATION Sustainable networking in project countries

The Samuel Foundation has well-functioning networks in its project countries in Central America and Asia where we cooperate with private companies as well as aid organisations and state institutions.


With companies

When implementing the technical education in our local centres, cooperation with companies plays a major role. This is because practical experience has the highest priority in all our technical education programmes. The companies that cooperate with us offer the students job-oriented apprenticeships at the end of their training period. And many companies take them on in permanent positions directly after they have successfully graduated.

In addition, many companies in our project countries support us with equipment and know-how for the training area as well as with financial means.

With organisations

Our foundation works together with co-financing aid organisations, for example, in the field of vocational training. Here we offer, among other opportunities, courses whose selection and design react flexibly to current economic developments in our project countries. We also cooperate with national authorities and international organisations - such as the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ) and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Costa Rica for the programme area of environmental protection and environmental sustainability. 

The foundation also receives support from other organisations in its project countries in the form of equipment and know-how for the training area.