India Sustainable networks create new opportunities

Throughout 30 years of activities in India, our Delhi branch has succeeded in creating a wide and reliable network of cooperating private companies, NGOs and state institutions that support the Foundation in a wide variety of its work.

To achieve even more for the young people who are participating in our programmes, we constantly strive to expand our network of cooperation in different areas:


We are looking for companies and organisations that support us with financial donations, equipment used in the garment sector, computers, fabrics and stationery.


We are looking for organisations and institutions that cooperate with us in the fields of co-financing of educational and training offers as well as in launching joint projects for various groups of people in need.


We are looking for organisations and institutions that wish to enter into a professional and technical exchange with us, e.g. by holding workshops and trainings for our students or also for our training staff.


We always offer our students a variety of complementary activities, which are aimed at strengthening their self-confidence and motivation. We are, thus, looking for companies, organisations and institutions that are willing to offer or sponsor those activities, e.g. in the fields of personality development, health prevention, grooming, sports and relaxation.


A compulsory social service is part of our sustainable training concept, since it fosters our students' cognitive, emotional and social skills and helps them to learn to take responsibility for the society they live in. We are, thus, looking for organisations and institutions in the social, health or other sectors, which offer our students the opportunity to perform social service tasks.


We are looking for companies that complement our existing network and offer our students a work-oriented apprenticeship at the end of their technical education. Many of the current partner companies hire our graduates as permanent employees directly after graduating from our centres. We are also seeking for companies that facilitate industry-related visits for our students.