06.09.2023 | Nicaragua

Environmental Awareness Shapes Personalities

The Samuel Foundation's holistic and sustainable educational concept includes a personality development module that strengthens the students' socio-cultural skills, gives them self-confidence and motivation and prepares them for the demands of today's job markets.

Dealing with important social issues is also part of this area. Here, our Centre for Technical Education in Managua/Nicaragua has become active and dedicated an entire week’s activities to environmental protection.

In this context, students from both years have cleared a watercourse that runs through the center's grounds of litter. They planted plants, composted organic fertilizer, took care of the green areas of the site and created murals on the theme of environmental protection.

Every year, the center of the Hedwig and Robert Samuel Foundation in Managua trains 125 young people in four different commercial and industrial professions and also cooperates with different organizations in the fields of climate and environmental protection within the scope of the professional training.

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