About us Our guidelines make us strong

The thinking, strategic planning and concrete actions of the Hedwig and Robert Samuel Foundation are based on the following guidelines.

Our Principles

Our vision

A world of fair educational opportunities and future prospects for everyone.

Our mission

To empower more and more people to leave the cycle of poverty through qualified education and professional training and, thus, also improve the prospects of the following generations.

Our Values

The culture of the Foundation is based on the following set of values. We expect all members of our organisation to comply with these values in their behaviour and actions.

We do as we say and ensure that our actions and decisions are consistent with our core values and principles.

We work together with the communities in which we operate by providing opportunities for vulnerable groups to build a brighter future.

We are accountable for our actions and decisions and fully committed to the best interest of our stakeholders and the cause we serve.

We promote fairness and equity in all our activities. We treat all individuals with respect and open-mindedness regardless of their background or circumstances.

We strive to achieve the highest quality standards and meaningful results in our work. We foster a culture of efficiency, improvement and continuous learning.

Our Principles

The Foundation’s work is focused on the following principles.


  • We help people to help themselves.
  • We take a holistic approach to our projects: In addition to a high-quality professional education, we put great importance on accompanying measures, which provide our beneficiaries with the soft-skills and tools to positively influence and determine their lives.


The foundation focuses on long-lasting projects with a sustainable and measurable impact. We examine our programmes as to their future orientation and constantly measure, evaluate and optimise our work.

The help we are offering to individuals is environmentally, socially and economically sustainable.

Environmental Sustainability
  • We are committed to the responsible and sustainable use of resources.
  • We increasingly endeavour to be environmentally sustainable in the curricula of our programmes and in our cooperations.
Social Sustainability
  • Our focus is on the principle of equal opportunities for all.
  • Our help is available to economically vulnerable people of all genders, religions and ethnic groups.
  • We are committed to providing a welcoming environment for all beneficiaries, members of our staff, volunteers and cooperating partners.
Economic Sustainability
  • Financial sustainability: We secure the continuous financing of our projects with the income generated by the Foundation’s properties as well as third-party funding.
  • Economic effectiveness of our work: We provide our beneficiaries with the education to generate their own income and improve their prospects in life as well as those of following generations.

Strong partnerships

As we aim to leverage valuable resources and synergies, we focus on involving capable local and international partners and existing structures in the design and implementation of our projects. Within this context, we prefer to employ local staff in our centres.

The Samuel Foundation is committed to the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).