Costa Rica

Visit of the German Ambassadress

Hedwig and Robert Samuel Foundation

„What you have achieved requires a great deal of courage.“ Martina Nibelling-Wriessnig, the German Ambassadress to Costa Rica, addressed the new generation of Samuel students with these words in her emotional speech on April 23rd. She then congratulated the young women and men for “taking the future into their own hands”. After the opening ceremony for the new generation of Samuel students, the ambassadress visited the car mechanics garage to get a first-hand impression of the ongoing training for female and male mechanics students. Along with their fellow students of the three other Samuel trainings, they will graduate in December. After a brief demonstration of what they are currently learning, the students had the chance to chat with Mrs. Nibelling-Wriessnig about their motivation to apply for the scholarship – and also about their future goals and aspirations. Wilber Pérez Solano, Director of the Samuel Foundation in Costa Rica, was honoured by the ambassadress’s visit to the Center for Technical Training in San José: “It means a lot to us and especially to the 125 young women and men that start their training with the Samuel Foundation today, by which they have taken a big leap towards a better future. The German Embassy in Costa Rica has always been an important supporter of our work for the disadvantaged youth in this country.” The Samuel Foundation is thankful to the German Embassy for facilitating the visit of Mrs. Nibbeling-Wriessnig. It certainly emphasizes the close ties between Costa Rica and Germany, the country of origin of Hedwig and Robert Samuel.