Costa Rica

Visit from the Swiss “Neighbour”

Hedwig and Robert Samuel Foundation

In March, the employees and students of our Centre for Technical Education in San José welcomed the visit of the Swiss Ambassador, Gabriele Derighetti. He up his duties as ambassador of Costa Rica, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Panama at the end of 2020 and paid a visit to our training centre as a European neighbour of the foundation, so to speak. The director of our centre in San José, Wilber Pérez, guided the ambassador around the facilities, while informing him about our work and offers for technical education. Gabriele Derighetti praised the quality standard of our centre and was also very impressed during his direct contact with the students, carried out, of course, under observation of all COVID-19-protection measures. The Samuel Foundation welcomes the cordial relations with the Swiss embassy and looks forward to new opportunities for cooperation.

(Foto: The Swiss Ambassador, Gabriele Derighetti, in conversation with the Director of our Centre in Costa Rica, Wilber Pérez, and the Training Coordinator, Karla Arguedas.)