Training practices

Hedwig and Robert Samuel Foundation

The chance of a better future

Our claim “Give youth a chance” is more than a statement for us – it is a mission that we feel committed to. In all our thinking and action this principle is reflected and our goal is to fill this mission with life.

We want to enable ambitious and talented young people to have a better future by giving them the opportunity to have high quality training. This gives them the chance to take their lives into their own hands and actively shape their future.

Within this training not only the professional skills are conveyed – the Samuel Foundation is also concerned with social abilities, values and personality enhancement. For young people on the edge of society who otherwise have no chance of a change, this concept is a unique opportunity for a complete new start.

We accompany young people on their way to a better future

As a foundation, we accompany the young people on a completely new path, giving them the chance to have a better future. We take them “by the hand” and give them abilities, which enable them to free themselves from their social structures and lead a self-determined life.

The concept of Samuel training is thus based on a comprehensive approach, which through its combination of professional and social abilities is a guarantee for the successful training of the young people.

Support and challenge as a principal

The training system of the Samuel Foundation is based on the principle of “support and challenge”, because this is the only way to create a training base that will provide the young people with the necessary tools for a successful future. In addition to their own need, our interested young people are also required to have a basic school education, the appropriate personality and family support.

For our projects, we are looking for young people who, in addition to these basic requirements, have the enthusiasm and perseverance required for their training. With these prerequisites on board, they should be able to produce above average achievements within the training and thus lay the foundation for their successful future in the labour market.