Training in India

Hedwig and Robert Samuel Foundation

With fashion the chance to start a new life

In India the Samuel Foundation focuses on vocational training in Dress Designing and Quality Supervision as the basic conditions are particularly favourable. This is also confirmed by the experience gained in recent years, where all graduates were able to be recruited in a permanent job after completion of the training.

The vocational training in Dress Design and Quality Supervision offers equal opportunities for women and for men. This enables us to offer vocational training specifically to young women and to reserve about 75% of our training seats for them.

For 180 young people a year, the vocational training provided by the Foundation in New Delhi means the start of a new life and the possibility to completely reconfigure their life. Due to the enormous size of New Delhi, the Foundation operates at two locations: Uttam Nagar and Garhi. In this way we can ensure that the young people get a training place that is not too far from their home. In addition to the classrooms for theory and practice, the two training centres each have a modern computer training room and administration offices.

Practice determines the training

The students receive a compact 15 month full time training course with a strong practice oriented focus, including a 3 month apprenticeship. As well in India the Foundation has extended the official national training plan with its own developed modules, in order to be able to address the rapidly changing market requirements.

After completing the training, the profile of the young people for the labour market is so well adapted that they can enter the working world full of enthusiasm and with a wealth of knowledge. The quality of the training allows them to start their careers immediately in the areas of controlling, supervision and merchandising in established companies. Sooner or later many of our graduates start their own company, which is supported by the Foundation’s entrepreneurship training module. It is important for us that all graduates can find a successful path into the future.

In India we offer the following course

  • Dress Designing and Quality Supervision 

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