Training focus

Hedwig and Robert Samuel Foundation

Our individual focus in the respective countries.

Before we begin training courses in a country, we first look at the specific circumstances of the country. This process is a guarantee that the young people are really trained in the professions that are needed in the respective countries. In this way, all training courses are very labour market oriented and offer young people the opportunity to fulfil their dream of a better future.

This sounds very technical and bureaucratic at first, but only in this way we can ensure that the highest possible percentage of our graduates will find a qualified job later on. It is important for us to lay the foundation for future oriented work with our training focus. Only in this way the vicious circle of poverty can be permanently broken and a better future be created for young people.

Our training offers are determined on the basis of need and market studies.

Today’s labour markets, with their dynamic changes, require more than just expertise. Interdisciplinary thinking is becoming increasingly important. New technologies are also becoming relevant in manual trades. The willingness to lifelong learning is existential. Here, our young people are particularly challenged because they have often had no contact with these important subjects. Therefore, we deliberately do not limit ourselves to imparting only specialist knowledge. Our focus is on comprehensive education. In this way, all students receive English lessons as well as the learning of computer skills.

At the end, our young people have gone through a training process that makes them fit for life.