Personality advancement

Hedwig and Robert Samuel Foundation

We support and challenge the personality of our young people

A key element during the training is the advancement of the personality of all young people. Most of them come from socially very disadvantaged backgrounds and this form of encouragement helps them to develop confidence in themselves. However, they also learn things that help them succeed in the course of their training. In addition to financial deprivation, many of the young people have grown up with educational, health and social deficits.

Fit for the future – for a future full of dreams

With the help of our personality training, we try to take away the negative effects of the past of our young people and make them fit for a positive future. We want to encourage them to get the best out of themselves, to look at the world positively and openly. For this reason, our trainees also have to do social work. These can be activities at the training location itself, but also can involve the Foundation’s assistance to other institutions. In this way, our young people volunteer to renovate kindergartens or schools, clean public parks or look after children in an orphanage. All tasks with responsibility, in the course of which they themselves learn what their help can do.  They themselves have the opportunity to give something back, which strengthens their self-esteem and gives them the courage to take on responsibility for themselves and for their actions.