Hedwig and Robert Samuel Foundation

Achieve more with cooperation

The cooperation with companies plays an important role in the implementation of our training courses. Only through meaningful cooperation we can bring the training to a high level that corresponds to the modern working world and its requirements.

In all training courses, we cooperate with companies in order to enable young people to complete a 3 month apprenticeship in a practical and company oriented manner. The hands-on and practical preparation of the trainees has top priority in all our training courses. Only when they have completed their training can we be sure that they are fit for the future.

Cooperation of opportunities

We are also pleased that many companies are actively helping us within cooperative ventures, giving us machinery, know-how and other urgently needed assistance.

We are grateful and open about every contact that is made possible at this level and from which we can derive new perspectives for our work.

Please contact us if you are interested in a cooperation. At first, it does not matter what sort of dimensions you have in mind. It is important for us to come into contact with people to be able to open up new ways.

We look forward to getting in touch with you.