Samuel Students Support Managua’s National Zoo

Hedwig and Robert Samuel Foundation

They have all kinds of work to do in the National Zoo of Managua: A group of students from the Samuel Foundation, in total 22 young men and women are volunteering there on the Saturdays of February. A few of them are collecting butterfly eggs and storing them so new life can hatch out of them. Others are preparing the meals that the different kinds of animals are always eagerly awaiting. The young women and men who undergo the Samuel Foundation’s technical or administrative training from Monday to Friday for a period of 19 months, donate four Saturdays of their free time to lend a hand to the national zoo of the capital which is greatly suffering from the current socio-political crisis in the country. And the captured animals certainly do not make it to the top of the list of groups who are worth being supported in these times of great need and scarcity. With their dedication and motivation, the young students show how much the situation of the zoo’s inhabitants means to them. They clean the cages and help with the food distribution for the animals, and thereby do their bit to help the zoo keep its doors open to a public that needs distraction itself now more than ever from a daily life strongly marked by the crisis.