Hedwig and Robert Samuel Foundation

Especially the weakest ones need our help.

Even in Germany it can’t be taken for granted that children grow up without fear. Especially in such a rich country as Germany the weakest often fall through the media net and we are not even aware that this suffering also exists in Germany.

When in 1992, the idea of an in-patient specialist institution for children who had suffered violence, mistreatment and abuse took shape, the Samuel Foundation took an active part in the founding of this facility. Today, the Samuel Foundation, together with two other sponsoring organisations, are associate partners of the non-profit organisation KiD GmbH. The name KiD stands for “Child in Düsseldorf”.

Two houses for children who have suffered violence.

KiD is an in-patient diagnostic-therapeutic specialist centre and maintains two houses in Düsseldorf. Here, children  who have suffered violence find a refuge outside the family. We are currently cooperating with about 130 government juvenile authorities, which send us children who have suffered violence for diagnosis and initial therapy. In a stable daily routine with the help of diagnostics and comprehensive therapy, the children receive the necessary support in their existential crisis and thus receive a new perspective. The second house offers reintegration to young people in supervised residential groups.

We are delighted that we can give these children a chance to find a new life by means of therapeutic help. A chance that every child should have.