Germany. A Winter’s Tale

Hedwig and Robert Samuel Foundation

Germany. A Winter’s Tale

The Theatre of Düsseldorf and the Samuel Foundation continue their cooperation in the area of integration projects in 2018/19.

Since German language skills are an essential means for a successful integration of migrants, the play “Germany. A Winter’s Tale.” focuses on a linguistic and cultural exchange between German natives and young, eligible migrants.

There is probably no other piece that could better promote communication skills by means of a playful, casual encounter of long-time and new residents in the Rhineland than Heine’s Winter’s Tale. In this oeuvre, the most famous son of Düsseldorf copes with a journey back to his German home country after 13 years of exile. On stage today, a team of experts in terms of rootlessness, migration and exile from eight different countries revives Heine’s Winter’s Tale journey and after more than 150 years explores and discovers unfamiliar perspectives on Germany and Heine’s vision of a Europe that tries to overcome nationalism and narrow-mindedness. As everybody is familiar with the longing for Heimat, the theatre nights are intended to bring everybody together: Actors and audience, long-time and new residents of the Rhineland alike.

Apart from the Bürgerbühne of the Theatre of Düsseldorf and the Samuel Foundation, the Zakk – Centre for Action and Communication – is also a partner of the project. Support comes from the Ministry of Culture and Science of the state North Rhine-Westphalia and the LAG Soziokultur.