Café Eden — Refugees are welcome here!

Hedwig and Robert Samuel Foundation

Café Eden — Refugees are welcome here!

The project “Café Eden” is an initiative of the Düsseldorf Theatre focused on the subject of escape and migration with the aim of contributing to the improvement of the integration of refugees into our society by creating a meeting place for all citizens. This meeting place combines art, culture, communication and exchange and is co-organised by the participants themselves and implemented in cooperation with other institutions and actors of the city in order to create a long-term and sustainable infrastructure.

Joint goal of the Samuel Foundation and the Düsseldorf Theatre.

The Theatre has set itself the task of bringing refugees and inhabitants of the city of Düsseldorf together with a regular offer, the “Café Eden” project at 446 Münster Strasse, which allows all to speak and act together.

The Samuel Foundation contributes to the project by supplementing the offer of the “Café Eden” programme with an educational component. This component is the teaching of the German language to refugees, especially children and young people.

Because support and communication are a good start.

The concept can be summarized as follows:

  • Language skills are a key instrument for the success of integration and form the basis of education. However, learning the language should not be done here as in the classroom. In contrast to classical language teaching, acting is in the foreground, because German language skills can be acquired by doing it.
  • Theatre can make a big contribution and stimulate skills: Communication skills, self-confidence, perseverance and flexibility, creativity, team spirit and improvisational skills can be acquired enjoyably through theatre pedagogic work and access to art, culture and exchange/encounter. In theatre educational clubs and enjoyable workshops, barriers are broken down and contacts are made. Through targeted methods, in which language is an indirect / invisible mediation objective, key abilities are conveyed and the strengths of each individual are clearly brought to light.
  • Different formats have been developed for this purpose: Theatre game clubs, School theatre, workshops, open-stage formats, acting offers, discussion events for the enjoyable mediation of language.
  • In order for the learning of the language with enjoyable means to be adequately appreciated, there are clearly defined rules of participation which give rise to a sense of togetherness. Our project also has a “material” value in the form of certification (for example certificate, participation certificate after completion of the workshop).

Café Eden is looking forward to your visit. Make use of the chance of an open dialogue and give yourself the opportunity to get to know new things.