Costa Rica

Hedwig and Robert Samuel Foundation

New opportunities in San José

Costa Rica is one of the most progressive countries in Latin America. A stable democracy prevails in the nation since the 1950s. The army was abolished in 1948, and the government subsequently heavily invested in education and public health. Due to its neutrality in armed conflicts of its neighbouring countries and because of its rich flora and fauna, Costa Rica is often referred to as “Latin America’s Switzerland”.

As rich as the country may be, there is always room for individual poverty. Especially in the ever-growing suburbs of the capital of San José, an increasing number of young people have lapsed into a life of poverty and hopelessness during the last decades. The team of the Samuel Foundation quickly saw the need to act in this field and has been actively helping people in need in Costa Rica since 1987. In the mid-1990s, the focus was moved towards supporting the socially disadvantaged youth of the metropolitan area. Offering a high-quality training for professions that are in high demand has become the core of the Foundation’s work in Costa Rica. Today, such training is offered in the following fields: Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technology, Car Mechanics, Accounting Assistance, and Administrative Assistance.

Modern Training Centre

The Samuel Foundation’s training centre in San José extends over an area of 3,500 m² close to the city centre and is well connected to public transportation. The Costa Rican training centre is equipped with high-end machinery, educational material, and tools. Numerous sponsors contribute to maintaining the state-of-the-art facilities. The campus holds enough space for 250 students per year, as well as for trainers, and administrative staff. It comprises nine classrooms, two computer labs, two workshops, a covered multi-purpose area, an administrative building, and a cafeteria.

Integral Focus

All four Samuel training courses in Costa Rica have a total duration of 19 months. 16 months are dedicated to a full-time training with a strong practical focus. A subsequent three-month apprenticeship at a company allows for the possibility of a future full-time employment. More than 90 percent of Samuel graduates are offered a permanent position since the integral training programme of the Foundation has an excellent reputation in the country: In addition to the theoretical and practical classes of the trade, Samuel students are also trained in English and IT and receive a training in personal development. This way, the young women and men who graduate from the Samuel Foundation do so as strong and confident individuals, perfectly prepared for the workplace.

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