Costa Rica: Pérez Zeledón

Hedwig and Robert Samuel Foundation

In Costa Rica, the Samuel Foundation provided its very first support in Pérez Zeledón, a rural canton located in the country’s southwest, as early as in the year 1987. The people of this secluded region suffered great hardship which mostly affected older and sick people living in state institutions such as nursing homes and hospitals. These institutions lacked the financial means for anything beyond the necessary.

To alleviate the situation, the Samuel Foundation donated a van to the nursing home Casa de Ancianos Monseñor Delfín Quesada that allowed its residents to be transported to hospitals for medical care. Previously, this had only been possible with an enormous expenditure of time and costs. The happy residents and staff received the van in a special ceremony.

The Samuel Foundation also helped keep the local hospital running by donating medical instruments and an air-conditioning system for the intensive care unit. Both were urgently needed and due to a lack of funds the hospital could not have afforded them.