Hedwig and Robert Samuel Foundation

A mobile hospital of hope.

Following the initiative of child psychiatrist Dr. Eugen Jungjohann, the Samuel Foundation began a project in 1990 for the basic medical care of Ebenebe, a municipality with about 20,000 inhabitants in eastern Nigeria, the former Biafra. To this end, the Samuel Foundation set up a small hospital with outpatient care, a 20-bed hospital ward and an operating room. As a special feature, the hospital was equipped with a mobile unit in order to be able to serve the widely dispersed localities of the municipality, thus saving the miles of walking to the hospital, especially for the old and frail as well as mothers with their children. The funds for this purpose were covered by the proceeds from an auction of works of art, which had been made available for this purpose by artists from Düsseldorf.

Great intake right from the start.

In 1992 the hospital was completed and officially inaugurated. In 1994, the Foundation added a further building wing, which also included a nursing school with a total of 8 training places. The hospital has been extremely successful and has also done a fine job in prevention and hygiene. Shortly after the inauguration, an average of approximately 120 patients visited the outpatients clinic daily. In 1996 the first 8 nurses successfully completed their training as a nurse. In 1999, the Foundation began the process of handing over responsibilities to the local authorities and finally withdrew completely from the project in 2002. Since then, the hospital has been working independently.