Nicaragua: El Tepeyac

Hedwig and Robert Samuel Foundation

A place of hope and help.

For 20 years, the Samuel Foundation has supported the El Tepeyac Health Centre near Granada. Beautifully situated at the foot of the Mombacho volcano, half an hour’s drive from Granada, the Health Centre established by the nuns of the Catholic congregation Oblatas del Sagrado Corazón in 1963 is the last sanctuary for many sick and infirm who come from near and far Saturday after Saturday. Regularly, up to 200 people seek help and comfort for their suffering. Their economic situation prevents them from accessing the state health system, which is free of charge, but only in theory. Young mothers receive food rations for their malnourished children. The doctors and nurses who look after them work voluntarily and are picked up for their Saturday sessions from Managua and Granada.

The Samuel Foundation first helped with a minibus.

In 1990 a first contact with the Samuel Foundation took place. As a result, the first support was the donation of a small bus for the transport of patients and staff. In 1993, the Samuel Foundation implemented a project for the renovation and expansion of the Health Centre, co-financed by the Federal Republic of Germany. In 2003 an urgent renovation was needed. For several Saturdays, the trainees of our construction trade course, under the supervision of our instructors, went to El Tepeyac and undertook the necessary repairs and embellishments, thus giving the Health Centre a renewed look. Finally, since 1995 the Samuel Foundation has provided regular financial support for the purchase of medicines and food.