Nicaragua: Bello Amanecer

Hedwig and Robert Samuel Foundation

Knowledge is the future.

Within the framework of a BMZ (Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development) project, in 2000 the Samuel Foundation carried out the extension of the “El Divino Salvador” school in Bello Amanecer, a district of Ciudad Sandino west of Managua. The school was founded, supervised and managed by the church community of the same name, with the aim of providing the prospect of a school education to as many children as possible from the “Bello Amanecer” and “Vista Hermosa” districts. Many of the children are from very poor families living in very poor conditions. The schools in this area cannot meet the demand for school places.

The Foundation facilitates three additional school grades.

The Foundation supports the church community in the project of the school extension in Bello Amanecer to increase the availability of places at the school and to improve the chances of a getting a place there, by opening three additional upper secondary school grades  (7th – 9th grade).

The compulsory schooling in Nicaragua covers the first 6 years of primary school (Primaria), the 7th – 11th grades are optional. The chances of getting a job in the labour market with only primary education are very low, and they are generally for auxiliary jobs which are very poorly paid. The minimum prerequisite to do qualifying vocational training is the successful completion of the 5-year Secundaria (secondary schooling), whereby after three years the Básico exam is taken, which is regarded as an access requirement for numerous manual trade training courses.

A cooperation in the future.

Thanks to the cooperation project of the church community and the Foundation, six teaching rooms were built, which were equipped with desks, fans, tables and chairs. As a result, the number of pupils from grades 1 to 6 was increased by 149% and pupils from grades 7 to 9 were taken for the first time. Many of the high school students could not attend a school outside of Bello Amanecer or Vista Hermosas because the financial burden of transport and food for the families would have been too great.   

The El Divino Salvador School contributes to the training of future professionals and skilled workers, which are urgently needed in Nicaragua, as more students are able to pass the Básico exam, while the enlargement has led to a noticeable relief for the affected families. Once again, the Samuel Foundation with the slogan “Give youth a chance” has directly been able to help disadvantaged young people and make a contribution to their future.