Hedwig and Robert Samuel Foundation

„Give youth a chance“.We fill our motto with life.

„Give youth a chance“. This call is for the Samuel Foundation Programme. For over 20 years, we have been supporting children and young people in the field of education, primarily in countries of Central America and South Asia. The young people are all from socially disadvantaged backgrounds and receive through the Foundation the necessary funds and access to qualified training. And that in professions whose graduates are urgently sought after. Trained mostly in own training centres with high quality standards and in close cooperation with authorities and companies. In this way, we break the vicious circle of poverty and hopelessness and enable young people to live a self-determined life. With their own income. With self esteem. With prospects.

Projects for a better life.

In addition to the focus on training, the Samuel Foundation supports individual projects which we have become aware of as part of our foundation work. Also in these commitments, the focus is on helping children and young people in need. This was and is not a reason for exclusion from our support. Rather, as with our own projects, we attach great importance to an efficient, resource conserving use of funds, as well as the long lasting and long-term impact of the projects. 

Accordingly, for 20 years, we have been supporting the El Tepeyac Health Care Centre in Nicaragua. We are also actively involved in another project in neighbouring Costa Rica: In San Isidro we have two children’s homes (Albergues), in cooperation with the competent authority PANI, where children who have suffered violence find refuge in family-like circumstances. In Germany, we are the founder and co-owner of the KID GmbH organisation, an in-patient specialist institution in Düsseldorf for children who have suffered violence. In addition, the Foundation has been supporting young students at the Art Academy of Düsseldorf with scholarships for many years.