Thailand Education project - Chiang Mai

From 2002 to 2017, the Samuel Foundation was active in educational projects in Thailand. From 2006 onwards, it functioned as an officially recognised international development aid organisation. Initiated by Gerd Mathia, a former marketing consultant from Düsseldorf who had been living in Thailand for many years, the foundation supported and supervised school-age children and young people in their education. Although school education is free in Thailand, transport, uniforms, and school supplies are not. In addition to financing school attendance, the foundation offered important classes to accompany the education, such as computer and English courses as well as afternoon care.

In addition, the foundation repeatedly financed measures to improve the infrastructure in a children's home, the "Home for Hilltribe Children", as well as rural schools in the region, and contributed significantly to running costs, such as school meals.

At the same time, up to 70 children and young people were in the care of the foundation, attending from local primary schools to national vocational schools and universities in the country. We supported many of them for many years, from primary school until they successfully completed their vocational education.

With the retirement of the country director, the foundation phased out its activities in 2017 at the same time as it ended its support for the last young people in sponsorship that year.