Nigeria Hospital construction - Ebenebe

Based on the initiative of the child psychiatrist Dr. Eugen Jungjohann from Düsseldorf, the Samuel Foundation conducted a project for basic medical care in the community of Ebenebe in Eastern Nigeria, the former Biafra, from 1990 onwards. For this purpose, the foundation built a small hospital with outpatient care, an inpatient wing with 20 beds and an operating theatre. In 1992, the hospital was completed and officially inaugurated. In 1994, the building was extended by a wing for a nurses' school with a total of eight training places. The hospital developed extremely successfully and also did a good job in preventive care and hygiene. Shortly after its inauguration, an average of about 120 patients visited the outpatient clinic every day. In 1996, the first eight nurses successfully completed their training. In 1999, the foundation began the process of handing over responsibility to the local partners, which was fully completed in 2002.