Our Principles

Hedwig and Robert Samuel Foundation

Our principles make us strong

The aim of the Samuel Foundation is to support disadvantaged young people worldwide through care and direct assistance to individuals, through the financial and infrastructural support of joint projects and above all through the vocational qualification of young people.

A strong objective requires strong principles. These principles form the basis of all Foundation activities and are always respected by us, our beneficiaries and cooperating partners.

We expect high quality from our trainees, our partners and above all from ourselves

We expect particularly high quality from the achievements of the trainees supported by us, from our partners and above all from ourselves This applies in particular to the careful handling of the resources available to us. The administrative expenses of the Foundation are kept as low as possible and are covered by the income of the Foundation’s capital. In addition to the Managing Director, the Board works on an honorary basis. Thanks to its slender structure, the Samuel Foundation is able to offer its help in a targeted and unbureaucratic way for the benefit of needy people and to react quickly and flexibly to changing needs. 

The Samuel Foundation is an operational foundation. As a result, we use our funds primarily to carry out our own aid projects. In this way, we can ensure that our funds flow into projects that meet our goals, funding priorities and quality requirements. The aid can be provided in the form of one-off grants as well as through longer term project support. However, quality plays a paramount role for us in third-party projects too.

We support long lasting and sustainable projects

The Samuel Foundation attaches great importance to sustainable projects in the realization of its own projects, as well as in the financial, infrastructural and ideological support of third-party projects. Only with this approach can we remain viable in the long term and maximize the efficiency of the assistance provided. This includes the examination of the projects for their environmental compatibility.

We preserve basic social values and focus on a set of values

The people supported by the Samuel Foundation grow up under the most difficult circumstances, those which poverty and social discrimination cause. A lack of awareness of basic social values as well as a lack of self-awareness is the consequence. For this reason, we consider as essential the mediation of values and the strengthening of the personality of the people in our care, the strengthening of their cognitive, emotional and social abilities, in order to largely reduce the deficits arising from their situation in life.

The Foundation’s set of values focuses especially on ten values:

  1. Commitment
  2. Conscientiousness
  3. Determination
  4. Honesty
  5. Reliability
  6. Tolerance
  7. Politeness
  8. Helpfulness
  9. Justice
  10. Modesty

The Samuel Foundation is committed to equality of opportunity for women and men and does not allow any kind of discrimination. Only a respectful relationship with each other lays the foundation for long-term and successful cooperation.

We help people to help themselves.

A special concern of the Samuel Foundation through its support is to enable socially needy people to improve their life situation on their own. People should have the opportunity to shape their own interests in a self-responsible and self-determined manner. They should be able to open up new possibilities for life, with the resulting positive outlook for the future generations.

To achieve this goal, the Foundation’s projects primarily provide assistance for self-help. By strengthening individual abilities, people learn to help themselves out of their own strength and thereby expand the impact of the support they have received. A prerequisite for this is the agreement on the part of the people cared for, to an above-average commitment which we also promote.

We work with strong partners on location.

In the implementation of the projects, we rely on strong partners and employees on location. The project managers and trainers are all recruited in the respective countries. As a result, already at the project planning stage we ensure that the intended aid actually reaches where it is needed and is used how it should be. In this way, we minimize intercultural friction and increase the acceptance of the projects among the relevant social groups. The German Foundation office directs and controls the projects in close collaboration with the local project managers.

With a view to the efficiency of the activities in the individual countries, the Samuel Foundation always seeks an integrative approach to the projects carried out and supported, in order to achieve the greatest possible benefit for all participants through the integration into existing structures and the use of existing synergies.

We measure, evaluate and optimise our successes.

Our success is measurable.

  • In an improved social, infrastructure and health care.
  • In a regular and dignified income.
  • In the chances opened up to permanently escape the vicious circle of poverty.

So, for us the number of successful graduates of our vocational training programmes is not the decisive factor, but rather it is the number of graduates who have subsequently found a qualified work place with adequate pay.

Just as important are the young people, who after the support from the Foundation take their lives in their own hands and start their own business. And our former students, who remain connected to the Samuel Foundation and who, regardless of their own professional activity, offer themselves voluntarily for the Foundation work in favour of the socially disadvantaged in their own areas.

Sustained success is only possible through continuous evaluation and optimisation. This applies to the use of resources as well as to the underlying processes. As a starting point, a critical self-analysis provides the basis for future positive development of the Foundation work, with the greatest possible impact on the people supported and their families.