Hedwig and Robert Samuel Foundation

The Board

According to the foundation´s constitution, the Board is the only official institution of the Samuel Foundation and is therefore the most important decision-making body. The Board of the Foundation is the supreme hierarchical body for the management of all the country offices.
CEO: Martin Barth
Board members: Karin Reuter, Michael Barth  

Management of the country offices

Every country office of the Foundation is headed by a managing director, who is directly supervised by the Board in Germany. 

Office Germany
CEO: Martin Barth
Staff: 5

Office India
Management: Neha Tewari
Staff: 14

Office Costa Rica
Management: Wilber Pérez
Staff: 24

Office Nicaragua
Management: Martin Barth
Staff: 26

KiD Düsseldorf
The Samuel Foundation is the founding partner of KiD (Kind in Düsseldorf) together with two other organizations.
Management: Silke Breuer & Claus Gollmann
Staff: 25