How we work

Hedwig and Robert Samuel Foundation

We support and challenge ourselves and others

We expect high quality standards from the achievements of the students supported by us. But also from ourselves. This means, above all, careful management of the resources available to us. The administration area of the Foundation is reduced to a minimum. The administrative costs are covered by the Foundation capital. All available funds flow into the projects on location. The whole Foundation is managed by only 5 full time employees in Germany. With exception of the Managing Director, the Board works on an honorary basis. 

The Samuel Foundation is an operational foundation. As a result, we use our funds primarily to carry out our own aid projects. In this way, we can ensure that our funds flow into projects that meet our goals, funding priorities and quality requirements. In all third party projects, which we additionally support financially, logistically and with ideas, we check the effects and sustainability of these projects to the best of our possibilities. 

In the implementation of the projects, we rely on partners and employees on location. The project leaders and trainers are all recruited in the respective countries. In this way, we minimize intercultural friction and increase the acceptance of the projects among the relevant social groups.  The German office of the Foundation directs and controls the projects in close collaboration with the local project managers. 

Success monitoring is an important part of all projects. For example, we continually check the quota of our graduates who have subsequently found a qualified job. In addition, we measure our distribution of funds every year, according to administration, expenditures and investments.

The clear guidelines of the Samuel Foundation

Thanks to its slender structure, the Samuel Foundation is able to offer its help in a targeted and non-bureaucratic way and react quickly and flexibly to a changing need:

Fighting against poverty through direct help for the individual

The overall goal of the Foundation work is to help socially disadvantaged people as sustainably as possible. The aid can be provided in the form of one-off grants as well as through longer term project support. The Foundation’s projects are aimed at strengthening individual abilities and opening up new areas of life. This is to enable people to shape their own interests in a self-responsible and self-determined manner.

Orientation of the aid for long term, sustainable and viable projects

A special concern of the Samuel Foundation is to provide with its project work a solid foundation for people to be able to improve their life situation, with the resulting positive outlook for the future generations.

On-site participation in project planning and implementation

It is a practice of the Foundation to carry out the project work on location with local staff. As a result, already at the project planning stage we ensure that the intended aid actually reaches where it is needed and is used how it should be.

Promoting equal opportunities for women and men

The Samuel Foundation attaches great importance to the equal opportunities of women and men in their own project work as well as in supported projects.

Examination of the projects with regard to their environmental compatibility

When carrying out its own projects, as well as supporting other projects, the Samuel Foundation always ensures sustainable environmental compatibility.

Priority of integrative projects

With a view to the efficiency of the activities in the individual countries, the Samuel Foundation always seeks an integrative approach to the projects carried out and funded, in order to achieve the greatest possible benefit for all participants through the integration into existing structures and the use of existing synergies.