25th Anniversary of the Samuel Foundation in India

Hedwig and Robert Samuel Foundation

The Samuel Foundation operates in New Delhi, India, since 1993, as “The Samuel Foundation Charitable India Trust”. In the same year, the first group of students started their training – young people from the poorest districts of the city. Due to the size of the city, the work of a second training centre in New Delhi was initiated only three years later. Today, 108 students start their training every year at the two locations in the neighbourhoods of Uttam Nagar and Garhi.

The fashion industry offers excellent career opportunities in India. This is why the Foundation gears the vocational training “Dress Designing and Quality Supervision” toward this professional area ­­­– an area which opens promising perspectives for young professionals, both for men, and for women. In the 25 years of the Samuel Foundation Charitable India Trust, over 2.000 young people have successfully graduated and are now working in the areas of Controlling, Supervision and Merchandising in renowned companies in the textile industry in India. Some even became successful independent entrepreneurs with their own companies.

Samuel graduates have both feet on the ground. One aspect of the Samuel training that certainly helps is the students’ social service commitment, which is an integral part of the program. “The young people we train receive a real chance”, says Neha Tewari, Country Director of the Samuel Foundation in India. “In the 25 years we look back to, it was always important for us that the students give something back to the society. This certainly happens through the regular Social Work Days, as this year, for instance, when they went to help in a paediatric ward.”

25 years of the Samuel Foundation in India is a big success – a success we would like advance further in the future.

Foto: Graduation celebration in India in November of 2018