Laptop Donation for the Samuel Training Centre in India

Hedwig and Robert Samuel Foundation

Brand-new and already in use: Six Lenovo laptops were donated to the Samuel Foundation’s training centre in New Delhi by our avid supporter, Reshmi Dey, CEO of Glass Sutra, a renowned glass design studio in Delhi. Ms. Dey has been following the activities of the Samuel training for a while, and now she decided that she would like to contribute to helping young people in Delhi obtain a training that gives them the chance to start a better life.

Neha Tewari, Director of the Samuel Foundation’s Indian Office, is very happy in light of such support: “We can certainly put the laptops to good use in our institution. They make our work easier and more efficient. At the same time, Glass Sutra’s generous donation is a wonderful sign that the company takes its social responsibility very seriously, and that they really care about the young strivers in our country.”

Year by year, 216 young people are trained in Dress Design and Quality Supervision at the Samuel Foundation’s Centre for Technical Education in India. Their programme is fully funded by the foundation through a scholarship which includes most of the transport and food costs associated with the training. The training lasts for 15 months and also entails a three-month apprenticeship. The success rate of Samuel graduates in India that obtain a long-term employment is over 95 percent.